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Let your community help
support your local business.

Let your community help
support your local business.

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You can find hundreds of community spaces on Withfriends. From bookstores to pizza shops, music venues to dance parties, art galleries, community farms, supper clubs, independent cinemas, and more! Become a member to support the communities you love, and get discounts and special benefits.

Is your favorite place not listed here?

Invite your friends to support your favorite local business with you, whether it's a restaurant, music venue, bookstore, or anything else.

If your friends become members, we'll send you 5% of their membership payments forever, and you'll help your favorite local businesses find support at this difficult time.

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Whether you run a music venue, comedy club, theater, bookshop, or restaurant, your community is waiting to support you.

By offering memberships, you can grow your monthly income by an average of 25%.

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